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Digital marketing is growing in the health market, more and more doctors are relating with patients on different platforms, and among them, online.

Do you already know how to create your medical website? Follow our tips to How to Create Your Medical Website & Choose Best WordPress Themes:


Visual identity is everything! People, when visiting a medical website, pay attention to all the details and hope to find the same visual identity – the website – at the clinic.


Always try to provide patients with a “flat” interface, bringing clarity and simplicity to information and visual elements. Imagine that, a clinical site, cannot use and abuse the vibrant colors and Pop-Ups or Plugins, this may violate the particularity of the user who is browsing.

Colors such as Blue, White or Green are references in subjects such as “Health”, “Safety” and “Well-being”.


Always include as much information as possible about your medical staff. The more content, the more confidence is conveyed to the patient. At this moment everything is valid: diplomas, certificates, testimonials from satisfied patients, etc.

In addition, create a photo gallery with the interior – and even the exterior – of your establishment, showing how transparent the clinic is in communicating with the client.

Finally, it is always glad to indicate the location of your company, including the address and opening hours


Organize all the information on your site carefully, structure the content so that the reading is always succinct and complete.

Blocks or columns?

It all depends on the amount and relevance of the information that is on the website tabs. The key is to ensure that the patient navigates the platform in an intuitive and practical way.

Don’t forget the information hierarchy too! The most important information should always be on the home page.


What information should be placed on the medical website?

In addition to the reference information, it is essential to mention the contact phone of the medical clinic, all the examinations that can be performed in it, covenants attended and units scattered.

You can also add a tab directed to the Blog of the clinic. But first, it is necessary to create one!


The creation of a blog has many advantages for any business. In addition to educating patients and everyone who passes by, you can better rank your company on Google searches.

In other words, the better the content and the more attractive it is, the better positioned your blog will be (potentially bringing more customers into your business).

Of course, for that, it is necessary to do keyword research and apply them organically in your content.

Social media

Enjoy everything the internet and digital marketing have to offer!

If you already have your medical website created, spread the word about its features or any important news about your clinic on the networks (for example, if your establishment is on the agenda for a matter on a large portal).

This generates an immense engagement of its followers, in addition to the notorious credibility – important in any and all businesses, but mainly in the health area.

But how to keep social networks always hot?

To maintain a frequency in posts, publish content – weekly – written on the clinic’s blog. One tip is to publish at least twice a week, not cooling the page or causing your followers to overpost.

Which networks should I use?

In addition to e-mail and WhatsApp, which can be used as direct communication channels between you and patients, Facebook and Linkedin are great networks for inserting the profile of your medical clinic.


Although some servers like Wix allow the creation of a blog together, there is a tool that is impeccable in the subject.


In addition to being the tool behind this blog, it is one of the most used on the internet. Completely, intuitive, and practical, it allows the website creator a complete organization of the content and images posted.

Its use is free, being paid only if you want to remove the WordPress subdomain in its URL (such as

Top 5 WordPress themes to create a clinic website

The medical industry can be a challenging area to work with, and it’s all about trust and professionalism. Building a strong brand and caring personality on your website can help you get a pretty meaningful message.

All the WordPress themes we present to you today have been designed with this in mind. Therefore, they are ideal for creating any website for doctors, healthcare professionals, dentists, pediatricians, hospitals, medical centers, etc.

Without further ado, we invite you to discover our list of 5 best premium WordPress themes designed to help you create a clinic website.

1.  Smilecare

The WordPress SmileCare theme is a fully responsive WordPress theme. A comprehensive solution for creating any site for a dentist, hospital, clinic, and other medical institution.

It comes with 3 homepage templates and several header styles that, when combined with the former, will allow you to get multiple looks. It also comes with more than 10-page templates and supports over 25 shortcodes, allowing you to customize different sections of your site.

It natively integrates Visual Composer and Slider Revolution. In addition, it supports multilingualism and its customer support will not disappoint you.

2. Dental Health

Whether you want to create a website for a hospital, clinic, medical center, or if you already have a website and want to give it a modern look, this WordPress theme would be one of the ideal solutions. It was designed to improve the links to your site for various search engines.

It also has an excellent booking system – Booking, which will allow your patients to make an appointment online. Its customization does not require any special knowledge in the field of web development. You just need your mouse and a few clicks.

This WordPress theme is also compatible with WPML, Slider Revolution, Contact Form 7, Visual Composer, Calendar Calendar, BuddyPress, Layer Slider, Mailchimp, Google Maps, and WooCommerce plugins that aim to help you build your online business.

3. HealthPress

HealthPress is a WordPress theme designed with seriousness and professionalism that will be indispensable when creating a website for a hospital, clinic, medical center, dispensary, or even any medical organization. This is the reason why it bundles a large number of plugins and shortcodes, optimized and perfect for this type of website.

It puts all the technological resources at your disposal so you can focus on the content of your website. It is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and integrates a booking (online booking) module to offer your visitors the option to make an appointment online.

And if you consider internationalizing your site by making it multilingual, this WordPress theme would be very easy because it is compatible with the famous WPML plugin.

4. Psychologist

A psychologist is a versatile and flexible template that is equipped with many tools and various options and functions that will allow webmasters of any skill level to create a modern and professional website for a clinic, hospital, center. healthcare, healthcare practice, and any other business related to the healthcare world.

Its configuration is based on the Visual Composer plugin. which is integrated and does not require special knowledge to pick it up.

Like most WordPress themes on our list, it remains compatible with a very large number of popular WordPress plugins, and the wide, practical, and user-friendly set of shortcodes it integrates makes it an exceptional template for doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, and more.

5). Clinical

Clinico is a well-designed premium WordPress theme for the website of doctors and doctors who care about the image of their clinic. It is very versatile because it includes a large number of practical functions. Despite its ability to function and adapt across multiple niches, Clinico’s primary goal is to improve sites related to oral health.

During installation, users will be able to choose between the two layouts provided in the template. But in any case, no matter the layout, your site will display perfectly on all screens. It includes 6 demos to get you started quickly.

But nothing stops you from creating your own pages. You will benefit from Twitter integration, which allows you to share updates with your clients or patients on social media. 

The code is clean and well written, resulting in fast loading times for your pages, and is fully responsive. In addition, the configuration options panel is very easy to use, even for those with no technical knowledge.

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